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Every person has some Monetary Goals to achieve in his life. Financial Planning & Analysis is the Process of Planning his Current Saving/Investments in such that these Savings/Investments may be used in the future to achieve those Goals.

These goals may be Classified according to the time period as Short-term, Medium-term & Long-term Goals. For example- for a person who just started his career, Buying a New Car/Repayment of Education Loan/Funds for Marriage may be some Short-term Goals. Further, he may have some Medium-term Goals like Buying a House/Saving for Children Education/Travelling Abroad. For him, Long-term Goals May include Retirement Planning/Funds for Children Marriage and so on. 

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In Crux, we can say Goal setting is the first step towards Financial Planning.

Financial Planning & Tax Planning

A Smart  Financial Planning is so designed that it contains most the elements of Tax Planning after considering the requirements and assessing Risk Profile and other necessary information of the Person.

Financial Planning: A Dynamic Process

A Competent Financial Planner always recommends reviewing the products (Portfolio) from time to time according to the span of their Performance.

A Word of Caution

Today, We come across many so-called Investment Advisers, who for the sake of Commission/Incentives are selling some financial instruments which cannot be considered aligned to investor’s Goals. These incidents are affecting the reliability and credibility of Investment Advisories. So, One should be cautious towards his investments. 

Be Wise & Keep Investing

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Pari sharma
Pari sharma
2 years ago

Very informative.

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