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Gold is always been considered a safe investment. Gold is also known as GOD’s own Currency because, in case of an emergency (natural calamity or broke of a war), the value in Gold gains its shine.

 In Indian context, Gold Jewelry is considered as the most reliable asset of women. But one must understand, investment in gold does not really mean buying gold in jewelry. Because Investment is something which you can cash at the time of requirement. And Jewelry always Come with Making Charge/Polishing Charge/many other charges with them, which may be the part of its costs ranging from 15 to 30 per cent (or even more). Investment in gold and Silver includes

  • Gold Coins & Bars.
  • Buying Gold in Papers whether it Exchange Traded Fund or Gold Funds.
A Brief Comparison of Different Modes of Holding Investment in Gold.

Some of the experts are of the view that one should have the least part of the investment in gold. But in my opinion, every person has different Risk Profile and Goals in life. So this question must have different answers for different investors.

Gold has been a steady mover for the last thirty years. Average returns in a long term in Gold may be less than 10 per cent per annum. But it has always beaten the Inflation Cost. So, Considering the Safe Avenues of Investments, Gold yields a better return than many other conventional avenues of investments.

Be Wise & Keep Investing

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